Saturday, January 16, 2010

Executive Power by Vince Flynn

Paperback 512 pages




As special advisor on counterterrorism to CIA director Dr. Irene Kennedy, Mitch Rapp is ready to fight the war on terrorism from CIA headquarters rather than the front line. That is, until a platoon of Navy SEALs, sent to the Philippines to save an American family kidnapped by radical Islamic terrorists, is caught in a deadly ambush. The mission had been top secret -- so who told the enemy? All evidence points to the State Department and the Philippine embassy. But a greater threat still lurks. An unknown assassin working closely with the highest powers in the Middle East is bent on igniting war. Now, with the world watching his every move, will Rapp be able to overcome this anonymous foe and once again keep the flames of war from raging?

My take:

This is basically two short novels put together to make a longer novel. First we have the family rescue in the Philippines followed by a rogue Palestinian putting together a plan that he hopes will force the world to establish a Palestinian State inside Israel. Mitch Rapp is involved heavily in both scenarios. Normally, Flynn takes you on a wild fast paced ride. This time, the wild is ride, but the pace is not fast. Sometimes the action flows at a snails pace. Several times I checked to see how many pages I had left. Even the ending was lacking. The end seemed rushed and anti climatic, very un-Flynn like. Overall it is a good read, though not one I would read again.

I rate it a 5.7.

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