Thursday, January 14, 2010

Third Option by Vince Flynn

Paperback 432 pages




The Third Option is the dark, dangerous world of covert operations where governments use agents to kill their enemies without sanctioning their activities. Mitch Rapp, a member of the Orion Team, has lived by the rules of the game for a decade. Now that he is in love, Mitch wants to resign after years as a patriotic universal soldier.

His last assignment calls for him to assassinate a German industrialist helping Saddam Hussein rebuild the Iraqi nuclear arsenal. After completing the mission, one of his peers tries to eliminate Mitch, but fails to kill the operative. Alone and hunted, Mitch manages to return to the States to attempt to uncover the identity of the individual paying the assassination bills. When his enemy grabs his beloved girlfriend, Mitch vows to kill everyone who might be involved, even if it means raiding the Halls of Congress and the White House.

My Take:

Fast exciting read from page one. A real page turner. This novel starts out on fire and gets hotter as it races to a top notch conclusion. And the conclusion is a cliff hanger which will cause you to run out and purchase the next novel in this amazing series. What do you get when you combine Tom Clancy with Clive Cussler? You get Vince Flynn.

I rate this novel a 9.6.

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